27. Flodden 2012


Flodden - 2012

They dug on Flodden Hill again this year,
Amid the bluebells and the lofty fir,
Seeking the Shades of those who followed James,
And sought to tweak the tail of English Might.
Does nothing yet remain to show where once those doughty Scots sat bold,
Secure they thought atop this northern hill.

But wily Surrey, veteran Knight, sought to approach from unexpected point,
To force King James, in hasty disarray,
To leave his stronghold and confront his foe, on Branxton Hill,
Where unseen mire awaited those unwary men,
With tragic outcome for the Scottish Crown.

Where are you, Shades?
Does nothing yet remain of your last days upon this earth?
Perhaps you’re there.
In silent watch on those who dig the ground where once you trod.
And will you still keep vigil in the coming years?
When once again the clink of trowel on stone
Is heard on Flodden Hill.

Maureen Charlton